Rome – No place like Rome

An early flight from London Gatwick encouraged us to get there the night before and to stay at the Bloc hotel, which is right in the terminal and takes out all the stress of rushing to catch a flight.

sunrise easyjet flight from gatwick

A simple train journey from the airport into the city had us at our Hotel a little early for check-in, so bags dumped we went in search of sustenance and sights.

The Spanish Steps, famous for being a popular place to sit and enjoy the feel of Rome were closed for public access when we visited making for an even better view.

empty spanish steps, rome

Two things Rome is not short of, things to see and Gelato. The first we came across was Grom was also possibly one of the best we would visit during the trip. The hardest aspect of a visit there is choosing which flavour(s) to go for. Between us we tried Peach and chocolate chip both of which were exceptional.

chocolate gelato rome

Buzzing from the sweet creamy goodness we stumbled across the Pantheon, this would be our approach to finding most things on this visit.

exterior rome pantheon

The inside was even more impressive than the exterior.

interior rome pantheon

interior rome pantheon ceiling

interior rome pantheon sculpture

Turn a couple of corners and you end up Piazza Navona were you will find probably my favourite fountain.

piazza navona fountain

Ruins sit amongst the current day housing seamlessly.

Pigna ruins rome

There isn’t much in the way of high rise but there is plenty of grand buildings with impressive views. One of which has to be Altare della patria, a monument built to honour Victor Emmanuel, the first King of a united Italy.

Altare della Patria

Altare della Patria

It’s has a lovely museum to walk around with beautiful sculpture and a good cafe to rest those weary feet. It’s defiently worth paying the small fee (€7 I think) to take the elevator to the top for some breathtaking views.

view from capitoline hill monument

view from Altare della Patria

view from Altare della Patria

With the bright sunny day suddenly becoming a torrential downpour, we aimed for the Hotel and a good nights sleep.

Day two came clear and sunny, along with a tasty buffet breakfast, a short walk to the nearest metro took us to possibly one of the most famous sites in Rome. The Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and Colosseum. Pre-booked tickets for each were exchanged for entry and allow you to skip the insane queues.

Once in you are free to roam around the huge site of the forum it is a testament to the building ability of the Romans that so much still exists for us to enjoy. Although I recommend bringing a sun hat and plenty of water as there are very few places to shelter from the sun and, you’re not going to want to miss a thing.

roman forum

roman forum roman forum

roman forum

roman forum

roman forum

Make sure you don’t miss Palatine Hill and the museum.

roman forum and palatine hill

roman forum and palatine hill

roman forum and palatine hill

Museo palatino museum heads

At the top of Palatine Hill is where you probably find the quietest view of the Colosseum.

roman forum and palatine hill view of the colosseum

It would be possible to spend days enjoying all that the Forum has to offer but as you get a timed entry for the Colosseum and starting to feel hungry, we opted for a spot of lunch with a pretty spectacular view.

pizza with a view, rome

Its worth doing a lap of the outside first to appreciate the scale before heading in.

Colosseum, Rome

Inside the bones of the building are laid bare to see how it must have operated 2000 years ago.

inside the colosseum, rome

inside the colosseum, rome

Timed to perfection the clouds come rolling in blotting out the clear blue sky as it had the day before, just as we are leaving the Colosseum.

stormy colosseum, rome

The sudden change weather had encouraged a large number of tourists onto the metro and the queue to get tickets was huge, but a handy shortcut appeared in the form of newspaper sellers who also sell valid tickets at the same price as the machines.

rome in the rain



18 thoughts on “Rome – No place like Rome

  1. I’m really enjoying your accounts of your travels and wonderful photos. Did you take them all on your phones? They will be really useful for people visiting these

    Liked by 2 people

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  3. Great photos, you’ve really captured Rome. On my first visit there many years ago, I stayed with a friend and he took me on a grand tour of the ice cream shops. I ate so much it was another 6 months before I could look ice cream in the face again.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Have you seen the Foro Italico? The EUR? My last visit to Rome was 25 years ago, so I have only vague memories. Being poor students, we mostly walked. We probably visited 100+ churches. I don’t think there’s a street I didn’t walk ☺


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