Mauritius – Lux Le Morne

As though going to Mauritius isn’t treat enough, when you get the chance to upgrade to business class it has to be taken. Emirates Economy is a very good service, but their business class is superior to that by several levels. The whole process of getting through security and onto the plane are made easier and once you are settled into your little seat cubicle with a cold glass of champagne and put your feet up, you wonder how you ever flew coach.

champagne, emirates business class

A proper three course meal that was pretty tasty, a seat that becomes a bed and impeccable service what more could a traveller want? Besides maybe a first class seat (Next time maybe hint, hint).

emirates business class meal

A pre-arranged taxi transfer from a recommendation on trip advisor met us as we swept through arrivals. Driving along the southern coastal roads gave us a fleeting introduction to the beautiful island as we passed small towns and vast sugarcane fields lining the route.

reception at sunset at lux le morne, mauritius,

The sun was setting as we arrived at the Lux le Morne resort, and with candles lighting the path to an open reception overlooking an infinity pool to the ocean we know we were truly in for a luxe experience. The greeting was friendly and efficient, with refreshing towels and a welcome cocktail presented as we relaxed into the comfortable sofas, while the formalities were dealt with so smoothly you barely even realised.

sunset at lux le morne, mauritius,

Of course we had to have a little walk around the site before turning in, curiosity almost always trumps tiredness especially when helped by a coffee at the on site Lux cafe. Twinkling lights lead us back to our room, and we collapsed into the big soft bed, the long travel finally catching up.

breakfast coconut at ux le morne, mauritius

Here to do nothing more than relax we woke up without alarms ( a luxury in itself) and headed over to sample the breakfast buffet. With plenty of choice including fresh coconuts different juices with various health benefits described, which I am sure definitely offset the two portions of french toast that got devoured. After sampling all of whats on offer we wandered back to the room in awe of the view of the mountain the resort is tucked below.

le morne brabant, mauritus

We swiftly changed into swimwear for a beach relaxation-fest.

lux le morne resort, mauritius, sea hammock

Time has a strange ability to play tricks on you when your away and before we knew it the hours had slipped by and feeling a little peckish we headed over to the Lux Cafe, where at 16:00 everyday they do complimentary pancakes with a variety of toppings . They are rightfully very proud of their coffee here, which they roast themselves and serve in a number of novel ways all with a perfect paradise view.

cafe lux. mauritius

By this point the sun was starting to set, and so we ambled along the beach to a suitable vantage point in order to enjoy the natural show.

sunset, lux le morne, mauritius

Coming across marshmallows and a fire to toast them on provided by the hotel at 17:00 on the beach so you can enjoy the sunset even more.

roasting marshmallows, lux le morne, mauritius

With three main restaurants on site by tonight we ate at the Kitchen restaurant which has a different theme each night, which tonight was Asian, my favourite.

When or if you feel the need to move from you hammock or sun loungers there are plenty of activities to enjoy while staying within the resort including; free use of kayaks, paddle boards, snorkeling kit and peddle boats. Yoga classes, tennis training and even bottle art.

My favorite though was the Cinema Paradiso. We joined other guests on sun loungers in front of a vast white screen, set up near the beach by the amazing staff so we could enjoy watching a film beneath the stars complete with popcorn and cocktails. It was one of those moments where you couldn’t help but feel truly elated.

cinema paradiso, lux le morne, mauritius

After such a blissful evening of good food and perfect entertainment, We awoke early, the alarm had been set for 05:30 there was a reason for this insanity and it was definitely worth it. Alan our guide met us in the reception along with four others from our hotel for a quick drive around to the base of the Le Morne Brabant. The softly spoken Alan, who hailed from the local le Morne village had previously worked in the hotel industry before deciding to become a mountain guide. He described the ascent as a pilgrimage and journey of discovery, this it was. He did not push a hard pace but let the members of the group climb the initial path as they wanted stopping frequently to point out plants and their significance to the local population both spiritually and medicinally.

start of hike up le morne brabant, mauritius

There where monkeys playing within the cover of the trees as we came across caves that had been used by escaped slaves to hide in before clearing the tree cover and getting the first real view out over the lagoon.

start of hike up le morne brabant, mauritius

You could look in land along the ridge of mountains and be forgiven for thinking yourself in the French Alps then with a 180 degree turn the blues and greens of the lagoon bring you right back.

hike up le morne brabant, mauritius

Onwards and upwards we headed to the next viewpoint where a metal seat still remains that according to our guide was sat in everyday by the previous owner of the mountain. I could see why he would the view is outstanding.

Feeling confident so far as the hike had been relatively easy despite all the signs saying ‘danger’, we were about to find out why you have paid for a guide (not least because they have the keys to the gate), calmly he instructed us that we have to climb the last few hundred meters up the slippery loose rocks. Met with a lot of blank, surprised faces he encouraged us on, keeping motivation high. Our scramble up the steep last sections of the ascent, may have only been few hundred meters compared to the 3.5 kilometers of the path but it was hard going.

start of hike up le morne brabant, mauritius

But then you are on top of a small plateau with a metal cross on top and you look around and feel invigorated beyond words.

view from top of le morne brabant, mauritius

From here the sad story of how slaves fell and perished as part of a misunderstanding when the French and English tried to tell the slaves hiding in the hills that they were now free due to the abolition of slavery. The cross is there to remember them and it is humbling when you are stood there enjoying the view.

view from top of le morne brabant, mauritius

The view of the lagoon is completely worth the early start and hard climb, not to mention the sense of accomplishment.


The decent was in some ways harder than the climb, as the bruises on my bum account for, but once you mastered the technique and with Alans help we soon got down to the path for the walk back down the mountain.

On the way down we encountered a family of hedgehogs, which rounded of the trip nicely.

hedgehogs, mauritius

Back at the hotel feeling pretty good for our early start and what must have been a lot of burnt calories, lunch was needed and a burger on the beach felt truly well earned.

burger, lux le morne, mauritius

So did the decision the do very little but read by the pool for the rest of the day.

lux le morne resort, mauritius, ilot pool

Beyond doubt we are in paradise at Lux le Morne.


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  1. Mauritius looks and sounds wonderful. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit. I’m looking forward to your next trip and hearing about it! xx

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