Mauritus – Living the Dream

In many of the places we have visited there have always been chances to swim with dolphins but, those have been captive so we can never bring ourselves to do it. Mauritius offered us the chance to swim with them in the wild and so of course we jumped at the chance.

Le Morne sunrise, Mauritius

Getting up at sunrise and heading down to the boat house at the edge of the resort a minutes walk from our room is an unusual feeling but gave us a moment to appreciate the sunrise lighting up the empty beach as we waited for the boat to be ready.

boat trip to Tamarin bay, mauritius

A speedy boat ride out to Tamarin Bay where we joined some other early birds in getting into the water, which was, even at 08:00 in the morning comfortably warm. We didn’t have to wait long to see a dozen dolphins jumping from the water, cresting a couple of times and then gone almost as quickly as they had arrived.

dolphin boat trip to Tamarin bay, mauritius

Swimming around in the provided snorkel, goggles and fins we along with our swim guide aimed to get away from the larger groups. No more than a couple of minutes later and they were back jumping and playing around. We spent around 45 minutes or so in the water but it only felt like a minute. In my excitement didn’t manage to take any photos and just embraced the experience of a dream come true.

swimming dolphins, mauritius

It would be amazing to be able to swim as effortlessly as these amazing animals, but back in the boat we stayed around to see some more of the dolphins before speeding back towards the resort stopping to take in the crazy outcrop that is Crystal Rock a must see when in this part of the world, it sits in the lagoon complete with trees like a miniature island.

Crystal rock, mauritius

Although this was a great trip and swimming with dolphins has been high on the list for a long time I didn’t like the amount of boats and people frantically following the pod trying to dive in on top of them. It was far from my serene images in my head of alone in the water surrounded by them, maybe unrealistic I know, but I can still dream and try to make that happen too!

sea urchins, lux le morne, mauritius

Back in time for breakfast (just) and then another glorious day of relaxation, including some time in the hot tub and hammam.

relaxing, le morne, mauritius

There are three restaurants in the resort, and we had eaten in two of them and tonight our reservation was in East a Thai inspired and most high-end of the three. The food and service where top drawer with the amuse bouche of a finely flavoured shrimp being one of the nicest things I’ve tasted.

beach reastaurant, le morne, mauritius

The remainder of the trip was spent relaxing in the lap of luxury.

lux le morne, mauritius

We spent the rest of our time paddling around the lagoon in the Kayaks and on the paddle boards and eating a lot of ice cream on the beach wondering if we ever had to leave.

kayaking, lux le morne, mauritius

One of my favourite hidden treasures of the resort was the always empty Wanderlust Library, a great place to kick back and enjoy one of the many books provided, and to leave any finished books for futures travellers.

wanderlust library, lux le morne, mauritius

wanderlust library, lux le morne, mauritius

For our stay the only cash we really needed was for the transfer taxi and to pay the guide on our mountain trip, they all accept euros as well if you don’t get the chance to pick up Rupees. Obviously if you plan on going into the towns you might want a little bit more than the £200 pounds worth we took out, but if like us you plan on relaxing in your resort most of the time, you can just charge things to the room. We still had quite a bit of cash left over at the end.

lux le morne, mauritius

Next time we definitely need more than 8 days as there’s a whole Island that still needs to be explored, but a week is just enough to unwind nicely and start planning the return 🙂

lux le morne, mauritius

We had an amazing stay and would love to thank the staff at the Lux Le Morne for providing us with what exactly what they promise, we left feeling lighter and relaxed from a unforgettable stay.

swing at lux le morne, mauritius


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