Dubai – Beyond the steel and glass

On the metro again, heading towards Dubai Creek, home to several of the Souk's. The first to try and sell us the world was the old textile market. The variety of colours and patterns were almost as overwhelming as the sellers attempts make us purchase anything. Draped in silks and offered any kind of designer bag you … Continue reading Dubai – Beyond the steel and glass


Dubai – So new it still has the plastic on

So you want some sun, sea and sand when it's cold and wet in England. Only seven hours away on an Emirates flight from Londons Heathrow sits Dubai. We've stopped here a few times on the way to further flung places, so it was exciting to see what the place looke like outside the airport terminal … Continue reading Dubai – So new it still has the plastic on

Further Adventures in and Around Paris

An early start, but who can sleep before going to Disney Land?! After a lot of research and confusion about how to get there, We decided it was easier and cheaper to get the metro. A stroll to the nearest the station (Sevres Lecourbe) aiming for Nation, from there onto the main line service for Marne-la-Vallee. … Continue reading Further Adventures in and Around Paris

Bali – Welcome to the Jungle

Venturing into the Jungle can be a hazardous experience, it is easy to be eaten, bitten, lost, dehydrated and many other potentially life terminating activities. So we opted for a guide led stroll through some of more user friendly Jungle and paddy fields around the village of Taro, although this didn't stop me freaking out … Continue reading Bali – Welcome to the Jungle